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25-Oct-2016 00:01

I have set up dates and hook-ups with girls I had met while out solely via text, just by escalating the sexual nature of our texts back and forth.

But before you ever worry about that, you need to know the basics of text and text game.

If this is a regular pattern, it’s an indication that you’re now in damage control mode and the odds are good that you’re not actually going to see this girl any time in the near future.

Similarly if the two of you have been texting back and forth and she starts to call you instead, it’s a very sign.

You see, text messages provide a layer of distance between you and the person you’re talking to.

This level of detachment allows for people to step outside of their public roles or personas and adopt ones that they would cop to in public.

You’re mutually agreeing, in effect, that these texts are not “real” and therefore anything goes.

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The best way to get her number to hear from you, you will also be weeding out potential flakes; any girl who says “Well, I dunno…” or “Call me the day of,” or indicates that the day may not be the best for her without suggesting another day is someone who’s likely going to flake on you and you will be well rid of them.

The first thing you need to do after getting a girl’s number is to send out a ping.

You want to establish that yes, this her number and that she’s actually going to respond to you when you try to contact her.

Now you’re walking back to your friends holding up that napkin with the most coveted of prizes: her digits! A general rule of thumb is that the longer you’re talking to a girl, the better the odds are that it’s a solid number; if she gives you her number within the first five to ten minutes it’s likely that either she gives her number out to a of people or that she’s giving you the brush-off without having to be direct.

If you want to make sure that getting her number leads to an actual date in the future, you have to understand phone game.If there’s one thing that guys obsess upon, it’s the “getting the girl’s number”. Obviously, before any of this comes in to play, you have to her number in the first place…

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