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I like every kind of fan fic as long as it's well written.You can also find my fics on Potions & Snitches and Archive of our Own under the same penname and you can download them from my Yahoo group!It would transport the holder to a reality where their biggest regrets had never happened, where their dreams came true. Based on a Tumblr Prompt from rtsd9fan."You saw your ex coming your way with their new significant other and freaked out.You grabbed my hand, whispered a quick plea to let you propose to me in front of them.

When Rick lands in the hospital after a traffic accident, he reminds Kate that anything can happen. Kate Beckett spent the summer recovering from having been shot, and hasn't spoken to Rick Castle in months. And he can't take anymore.' An alternate end to season 4 that changes everything. Set about two years into the future (hypothetical season 10), apperception is having a full understanding of an event because of the conditions that inspire it. He will tell her,"I once believed,then I hoped, but now,all is gone. An AU tale, based on Season 8, for "Winter Castle Ficaton, 2015.""Castle' "Yes?

And then he remembers how much quieter the loft's gotten, and that he's walking down the street with the taste of coffee in his mouth, but his stride's grown longer and slower again without her to keep his pace. These last few nights sleeping in their bed without her had been a bottomless pit of loneliness and sorrow. It wasn't a dream this time though, and it was worse than her nightmares had ever been. SPOILER WARNING - This story will go into season 8. She didn't miss the tightening in Castle's jaw when he saw her; his eyes followed her from his perch at the headboard, but as she got ready for bed he said nothing. COMPLETECOMPLETE In this tense drama, the wizarding world goes to war as Harry battles depression after Sirius' death, an unlikely traitor targets Ron, and Hermione encounters unstoppable dark magic (AU written before book 6). A round robin story written, chapter by chapter, by these authors (listed alphabetically): bravevulnerability, chezchuckles, Colie Mac Kenzie, darkhours, encantadaa, griever11, jstar1382, narvanator, socasuallycruel, supermandy77, & The-KLF'Martha is right.

She doesn't want to do this with an audience; she just wants to get her stuff and go unseen. I loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like." Post 5x10. So you're leaving/If you have to go/I'll be waiting for/Waiting for the next time that you're near me/And I don't know why I want you/And I don't know why I need you/But I know you have my love. Never in her wildest imagination had she thought if this was to happen she wouldn't be there to help and comfort him. Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Bromance, Friendship, Family, Whump, Hurt/Comfort.'She smears a kiss to his lips, hopes with everything she has that he can feel how deeply she loves him through the press of her mouth and that he can taste her apology.' A brief continuation of the momentary reunion scene in 8x01, XY. This really can't wait another day, wall be damned...' Castle and Beckett get a nudge in the right direction, courtesy of his mother.

I agreed because you're cute" AUMy entry for the Castle Halloween 2015 Bash.

Rick Castle finds himself alone and rejected at his own Halloween party.I'm brazilian, used to work with television, video making, now I am a translator and a web designer.

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