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07-Jan-2017 18:57

Do you want to spend a few days in a different way?

You can expect summer camps with unforgettable experiences, new friends, and a large selection of interesting activities connected with voluntary work, carried out where it is needed the most. The most typical work we do is protected meadows mowing; we also help with green buildings construction (the most frequent material being straw). You can also lend a hand with restoration of orchards in an abandoned village in the Sudeten region. Come with us to help with a conservation work at a castle or to build an open-air museum or experimental archeological center.

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"Young people consistently report that their parents are the biggest influence in their decisions about sex and relationships and — however uncomfortable they may appear — they want to hear about these topics more from their parents."This is one I can personally speak to!Children enjoy field trips, recreation, arts and crafts, hiking, swimming, and more!

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