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After Santos's victory, Donna is offered a position in the new administration as deputy White House press secretary.However, having become close to Helen Santos during the campaign, she is also offered the position of chief of staff to the first lady.Josh is initially upset with Lou for hiring Donna, and he implies in a tense conversation with Donna that he is reluctant to hire her since he feels betrayed by her decision to work for a competing candidate which he, her "mentor", did not support.Although the two reconcile on the campaign trail, with their relationship becoming romantic during the season 7 episode "The Cold".During the first four seasons, the relationship remains in stasis, with neither daring to make any real romantic move on the other.Sorkin admits that he was more inclined to move the relationship forward, but, every time he discussed the possibility, fellow executive producer Thomas Schlamme would shout, "No! " "Besides", adds Sorkin, "Sexual and romantic tension is, to me, much more fun than taking the tension away by having the sex and romance".Her new position places her in direct conflict with Josh, who has convinced Congressman Matt Santos to run for the Democratic nomination for president, with himself as campaign manager.After Santos wins the nomination, Donna applies to work for Josh at the Santos campaign.

Josh discovers the deception but is somewhat amused by it and, impressed by her initiative, hires her.Her large White House office, which she is shocked to see, symbolizes her growth since the beginning of the series, when her workplace was a cubicle in Josh's bullpen.Donna is a Democrat but is sometimes critical of the logic behind various Democratic Party policies.The New York Times reports that, at the Warroad Museum, a preserved anecdote traces the town's hockey obsession at least to 1907, when Gigi's great grandfather stepped off a train from Manitoba and was immediately asked, 'Do you play hockey?

Keillor has attributed the idea for the live Saturday night radio program to his 1973 assignment to write about the Grand Ole Opry for The New Yorker, but he had already begun showcasing local musicians on the morning show, despite limited studio space.

She chooses to accept this offer, feeling she cannot work for Josh while something is happening between them romantically.