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25-Jan-2017 11:39

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Drugs can be a major issue – and a deal breaker – for many people.Even prescription drugs can be a red flag since they can affect a person’s behavior and even their sexual performance.Or you may have mutual friends from the same town or city.It’s always easier to relate to someone if you have something in common or a shared experience.Most online dating sites have a section for this so you can see what a man’s habits are.And if you’re looking for someone who doesn’t smoke or do drugs and is a light drinker then it’s important that you know right from the beginning so you can qualify or disqualify him as a potential romantic candidate.We all like to know something about the other person’s family.After all, if things were to progress, you would eventually meet his family.

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With sexual disease prevalent, it’s not unusual to expect exclusivity in a relationship – especially if you’re intimate with a man. In fact, it’s probably one of the most frequently asked questions.It’s also nice to know something about his relationship with his family.For example, is he close to his parents and his children.The man you have your eye on may be a professional. He may be “between jobs.” He may be an entrepreneur.

Or he may be underemployed or unemployable because of his age or for health reasons.Or he might reveal his favorite pastime is getting together with the guys and drinking.