Ms project dates not updating

04-Mar-2016 10:47

ms project dates not updating-39

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I don't want project to change any of my dates based on changing %complete OR have anything to do with the status date.

I simply want the task to remain scheduled "as is" with a fixed duration, irrelevant to resources or % complete, or the status date, and based solely on the predecessor constraints setting the start and completion dates.

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The key is to understand the sense behind Project’s priorities when setting task dates.You can see this at work when all the new tasks line up to start on the same date as you enter them in.You should always be aware of what your Project Start Date is and be ready for the effect on your schedule.If you change the Project Start Date using the Project Information dialog box (found under Task constraints often make linking tasks and setting successor start dates a little confusing.

If you key a start date for a task, Project will change the default constraint from As Soon As Possible (ASAP) to Start No Earlier Than (SNET) for the date you specified.The planned dates are locked and used for deviation.