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(9) Ever since the Enlightenment, however, Polish public discourse possessed a certain precociousness that tended to align intellectual debates and cultural trends with those occurring in the West, although when reflected through the Polish mirror and applied to Polish circumstances they took on somewhat different form and meaning.

In other words, the Polish educated class and especially the Warsaw-based urban intelligentsia tended to see the future of their own country for good or ill every time they looked at developments in contemporary Western Europe.

In the process, it is hoped that this essay will begin to provide an important missing piece to the mosaic of fin-de-siecle Poland's multifaceted confrontation with modernity. The Socioeconomic Context for the Emergence of the "Woman Question" In Central and Eastern Europe, where the transformative processes associated with industrialization arrived later and where their aggregate impact was less socially penetrating than in Western Europe and the United States, the exact relationship between the socioeconomic context and the emergence of the "woman question" in these societies in the late nineteenth century is a matter of debate.

" Certainly, the first wave of Polish feminists were comprised of women from elite backgrounds, or at least from elites defined more in terms of education than of wealth, which was reflected in their concerns for access to higher education and professional employment.

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