Konfident online dating

04-Jun-2016 18:09

Look at how many people criticize a man choosing to live his life by his own rules. There is no decision process being made on that point.

Making that choice, and living it, is confidence, and they hate it. She either finds you attractive at the outset, or not at all.

it NEED great effort to survive the hits it will take.

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What they want is the illusion of confidence with a willingness to serve and be a utility/wallet/provider once they give proper attention where women decide it is due, and from whom they decide they deserve said attention. They should live their lives by their own rules and never accept anything less than what they think they deserve. If she instinctually finds the thug crimnal across the room attractive, then that is who she will always want.

as someone who has understood true despair and escaped with my life, I have to say that I understand the core of confidence better than most.