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The experience of having their good faith edits to official policies unceremoniously reverted, and of being warned and blocked if they persist in reinserting them is likely to encourage many new and unregistered users to leave Wikipedia.So, if new and unregistered users write most of Wikipedia's content, we should encourage them to continue to edit articles by preventing them from editing official policies.And employ them where they are reasonably employed. It's not like any anon or new user would have any reason to be editting any of the policy pages. Naturally, a new user who edits in good faith would need to get familiarised with our policies anyway, a process which would take a few days.By the time they're familiarised with the rules, they've been registered long enough to be able to edit the pages about them. NBeale , 19 November 2006 (UTC) The logs for the semi-protection policy itself show that two administrators have attempted to permanently semi-protect the policy, but one administrator has reverted them.They've all been gone over enough that there's few if any typos and such.And of course the talk pages are always open if anyone feels like proposing anything.

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For instance, even most established users cannot edit the main page, nor can they edit high-risk templates.

In fact, according to the available data, they write most of Wikipedia's content.

If we want the encyclopedia to continue to grow, our policies need to continue to be amenable to these new users, and an important part of that is allowing new users to edit them.

Or, barring such a drastic measure, he could propose edits to official policies on their talk pages. While User:.238 is welcome to continue editing as an unregistered user, by doing so he is necessarily giving up certain privileges that are normally afforded to established users -- not the least of which are directly creating non-talk pages, directly moving pages, voting in RFA's, and the possibility of becoming an administrator himself. We can't hold back an important and useful policy just to save one or two editors (out of hundreds of thousands) the fifteen-second inconvenience of registering a free account.

Andrew Lenahan - I can't really imagine any reason an anon or brand-new user would have to edit the core set of policy pages anwyay.Policy pages could only be modified by administrators.