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They truly have no clue when they expose themselves as Antichrist by admitting to doing those things prophecy proclaims Antichrist will do. For I have seen MANY come out of Rome by merely showing them a prophecy, and then showing them a statement made by their very own leaders! D., when the Roman Empire was crumbling to pieces:] "No, the [Catholic] Church will not descend into the tomb. For the author stated, "he will be the master of Europe.." And today, this is an open and obvious fact!

Soon this empire of Rome will spread all throughout the world. The Pope declares himself CAESAR and then declares obedience and fidelity are due him and him alone? For the Caesar's of Rome truly believed they were god's on earth! Daniel's vision, and Revelation's woman on a beast was born that day.

We need to use the history books to prove these facts so as to share with those that do not believe. 2 Peter says that, "..prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation." According to the Word, Christians are told not to give our own opinion of what a prophetic symbol means.

It will make Heaven that much better to have them there when Heaven starts.

We must allow the Word of God to define it's own symbols. For example, the term "many waters" in prophecy doesn't mean a large lake or ocean, the word "woman" does not mean an actual woman.

They are symbolic images hidden in plain site so as to prevent the wicked from knowing the truth about the times we live in.

So, don't let anyone give you their "opinion" or "interpretation" when preaching such things. The mainstream media is right now setting the stage for talking points to begin regarding the need for a "global leader" who we all know will head up the Daniel identifies immediately that the horns in this vision actually refer to kings. Ostrogoths in 538AD were the final of the three kings that would be subdued just as Daniel prophesied.Young 18 year old girls get down on their knees to suck huge cocks, lick balls, then bend over and spread their buttocks so their yummy pussy and ass can get slammed hard in front of the cameras!