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Goldman then recited Beattie's history of medication violations, dating back to her earliest years as a trainer, including a 2005 suspension at Charles Town in West Virginia when officials searched her vehicle and discovered loaded syringes.Beattie denied under oath that she would have shock wave therapy performed on a horse on race day and then have her veterinarian turn in a false name.In the event of transfer (either elective or compulsory), Class A amnestics must be administered, and false memories implanted consistent with assignment to other high-security or Keter-class SCP objects.Additional personnel may be assigned to SCP-2000 and granted temporary Level 4/2000 clearance at the discretion of the item's HMCL supervisor (currently Dr. The exterior surface of SCP-2000 is surrounded by Scranton Reality Anchors (SRAs) every 20 m, arranged hexagonally, to prevent incursion by hostile anomalous interference.

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Technicians servicing XACTS components may refer to Document XACTS-864, rev 1.3.0.On Monday, Brophy's associate veterinarian, Fernando Motta, testified that Rojas regularly requested and received treatments of Robinul and Estrone on race day for her horses.Motta beat the test for Robinul, he testified, by administering a lower dose and changing the route of administration to intravenous from intramuscular.Personnel stationed on-site must submit to weekly scans, to be stored locally.

Level 4/2000 personnel or above stationed on-site are not permitted to leave Yellowstone National Park during the course of their assignment.Attempting to access this file from any computer not connected to the Foundation Intranet will result in immediate termination regardless of clearance.

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