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19-May-2016 21:04

- I can honestly say she's the woman of my dreams, or was till this hurt. She may be a "commitment phobe", but she's committed to keep you dangling on her twisted string for some reason. The other guy caved and proved he could be relied upon to serve her as the obedient provider of her dream. You are in complete denial about what kind of person she really is. You where nothing more then a pawn in their game of love and war! I bet he would have a completely different story about her not replying or talking and seeing him while you were thinking you were living a dream!

Recently, Ive begun dating via this site again, hoping and praying someone loves me as me, and wants to build a future - but am i doing right??? Now, you guys have a fight, and she takes up with an ex and is living with him? He wins her because you don't want that job anyway. Everything is right there in front of you and yet you chose to over look it! You where the weight she used to get him to do as she wanted. They talked daily and saw each other at least once a week! Op you moved too quickly with this woman who obvioulsy was not over her ex...

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She often told me of her "dream" to one day meet someone who could give her the life she'd craved for eversince childhood - nice home, with her horses and dogs. ) she'd split from a previous relationship because he would not make a commitment to her, but as soon as I was on the scene, he badgered her 24/7.‘It was such as innocent moment of sentimentality that was twisted into something totally different,’ he said.‘But it just became a story that people wanted to talk about.’ Meghan, on the other hand, is probably too busy enjoying being loved up with Harry to even think about social media.Within a week he'd found out, and is now living with her, suddenly for a man who hated horses before, he now wants to learn to ride !! It doesn't surprise me at all that the relationship didn't last. I know you are hurt but there can't be a happy ending to this. She's not the woman of your dreams if she's living with someone else.

, suddenly he doesnt go to the local bar and get pissed after work everyday, he goes home on time. It may take a few months for you to recover so stay away from dating until you feel comfortable with yourself again. Dating any women at this time would be very unfair to them and I am sure you wouldn't like to hurt anyone. I vote that you forget her and move on to someone who doesn't flip flop from who she wants to live with from one minute to the next. Her established relationship snapped back on track towards the dream.We all love posting snaps of our mates and ribbing them on social media, but as Adams recently discovered, you can’t do that when your mates are super famous girlfriends of royalty.